The Beauty of Tree Care

Trees can make a spectacular statement and enhance the value of any property, if the trees are properly cared for. You can expect nothing less than exceptional care from Evergreen Hardscaping & Tree Care. We are fully licensed and insured, and offer a full spectrum of tree care services to enhance your property’s curb appeal.

We begin with a property assessment and review to determine the risk and health of the trees on your property, including a site analysis for bark health, fungi, structure, water and cracks. With that information in hand, our tree care plan may include tree or stump removal, replacement plantings, corrective cuts and even storm management services.

To complete our projects efficiently as possible, we provide crane and bucket truck services; as well as spikeless climbing to prevent bark damage and support preservation.

The Seasons of Care

When it comes to tree care, it is important to create an action plan that coincides with the seasons. Although tree removal can take place any time of year, summer months are typically recommended to minimize property damage; as the dry ground reduces the risk of ruts. Winter is an ideal time for preservation work such as pruning and thinning; since a tree’s metabolism slows and energy consumption is less. Spring and fall are great times to inspect and treat for disease. With a comprehensive year round plan, your trees will be a picture of health for years to come.

“We have used several different tree companies over the years to maintain our property, but it wasn’t until 2019 that we met Sergei. Evergreen Hardscaping and Tree Care has been the most professional, efficient and conscientious team we have ever worked with. Looking forward to many more years of service.”
—Bill & Sarah

Tree Care Services

  • Tree and Stump Removal
  • Down Tree Removal
  • Gaul Removal
    For dormant trees
  • Dead Wooding
    Allows for new growth
  • Corrective Cuts and Cross Branch Removal
    Allows wind to flow through the trees making them less susceptible to storm damage and improving overall health
  • Cabling
    Protecting specimen trees
  • Tree Preservation
    Spike-free climbing prevent disease, insect woodpecker damage
  • Firewood
    Hardwood for all types of uses, specialty wood for grilling and smoking
  • Storm Management and Emergency Work
    Priority service for storm damage homes
  • Tree Replacement & Plantings Insect and Disease Control
    Helps in preservation
  • Haul Away Services
  • Bamboo Remediation

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